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These children and teenager often help their adult family members to integrate into their new countries and to cope with everyday life. Most of them learn the language of their new home country in a surprisingly short time. They often succeed more quickly than the adults in finding their way into their new life and to understand the social rules.

These skills make them a significant success factor for the integration of fugitive families. A role which also has downsides for themselves. The fact that they often act as translators at public authorities and in everyday life and have to convey social rules to their parents often reverses the roles of the children. Children take responsibility for their parents and parents become dependant on their children. After the experiences in their home countries and on the way to a safer country, it often gets possible for them to be simply a child even there.

That is why they need and deserve our support. Not only to get along with their suffering, but also to cope with everyday life and to shape their future. It is not only in their own interest, but also in our interest to make a generation of hope out of this lost generation in order to provide a future for our countries and their countries of origin.

Children and teenager are the innocent victims who suffer most from the crimes in and around their countries of origin. Even those who managed to escape hell and survived the journey to a "safe" country have lost their homes and in many cases family members. Even though it is not obvious - many of them have suffered mental and physical injuries.

We don´t collect donations and we are no NGO or NPO. We are simply parents and people who care. And after all - who lese shall help them if not us (Europeans)? This project´s only purpose is to draw your attention to the topic and to motivate you to help these children and teenagers. If you want to support the project PR417 (and we would certainly be very happy about it), just make sure that as many people as possible know about it. Share it on social networks, tell friends and colleagues about or share this page.

But on top there certainly are many other ways to help: sign petitions (online), write e-mails to your politicians or donate money or time for a better future for these families.

Here are a some suggestions were you can get more information or get engaged:


amnesty international

One of the most well-known NGOs on the subject of human rights violations, who don´t exclusively focus on children and teenagers but certainly covers them

Save the Children

Save the Children is trying to improving the lives of children around the world (adter disaster situations and in long-term projects)


The United Nations Children's Emergency Fundraising works primarily in developing countries, supports children and mothers, provides humanitarian aid in emergency situations, engages in political lobbying and is committed to the protection of refugees

Open Petition

Platform for citizens' initiatives, petitions, campaigns. Here, you can create your own petition, collect and sign petitions, or support other petitions (simply search for the keyword "refugee children")


And of course you can simply share this website with your friends on facebook and make sure that as many people as possible learn about the PR417 project, also stand up for children and their families in and from crisis countries


The video of Rania Mustafa Ali (20) documents her way to Europe. In the video one can also see many children. Who would do his children this way if he had a different choice?

Terror and humanity never lose their relevance. Then as now, most people and nations prefer(red) to look away and make excuses. In 1938 Sir Nicholas Winton kept nearly 700 children from death in a concentration camp. In the video he is confronted in a beautiful way with the consequences of his action.

We would like to motivate and encourage Europian parents to stand up for parents and their children in and out of the crisis countries!

For parents and grandparents, there is no greater horror than to lose one or more children. This connects parents all over the world - even in countries like Syria, Iraq or Afghanistan. That is why I would like to encourage as many parents and grandparents as possible to support  families in crisis-stricken countries, on the way to and in our European countries.

No matter the result looks like what I have in mind or not is clearly irrelevant. As long as significantly less children, teenager and parents will die and as long as they will have a real chance of a worthy life.




A project about and with

refugee children and teenager


When I read or watch stories about refugee families, I sometimes try to put myself into their situation. What would I do if there would be no independent jurisprudence, no schools, ill-equipped or no hospitals where I live? If the food, electricity and water supply would not work and terrorist organizations such as ISIS or the Taliban, bombs and granades would threaten the lives of my loved ones?

Would I stay? Or would I take my family and try to do this also very dangerous journey to Europe? Well knowing that we could lose our lives or end in one of the camps in Turkey or Greece?

Fortunately I only have to ask myself this question theoretically. But every day thousands of families are faced with this choice. When it comes to humanitarian issues (rather than bank rescue or the representation of interests of big corporations), my confidence in politicians is extremely low. But because I'm not willing to accept the status quo, I try to help to change the situation within my possibilities (photography).

Who is responsible for PR417?



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